Do you know the global AI market is valued at over $136 billion in 2022, and by 2026, the US AI market will reach $299.64 billion? It certainly does seem to have immense potential. Doesn’t that call for joining the bandwagon? You can start using AI content generators for writing blog posts, and web copies can help considerably increase your productivity. 

We have curated a list of 13 AI content writing tools for you so that it is easier for you to choose the best one available on the market. But first, let’s understand why choosing them is a better option and who should use them.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Why Should You Use AI Content Generators?

We have a question to counter your question. Why write an article when you can use an AI tool to create hundreds of thousands of perfect article variations, using the current news as your source material? Why reinvent the wheel when a content generation tool can do it for you?

Here’s why using an AI content generator is the best thing you can do,

1. Attracts ideal customers

Writing an article from scratch is challenging, and it’s important to note that not all content is equal. Not only does good content get more shares and help your business reach a wider audience. With AI writing tools, the content is high-quality and therefore attracts more ideal customers.

2. Saves time & reduces cost

With an AI content generator, you can reduce the time you spend on creating content in half. This is especially useful if you need to quickly create a lot of content. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option, look no further. Using an AI content generator isn’t only beneficial because it allows you to be more creative. It’s also more cost-effective than hiring a full-time writer.

3. Provides SEO-friendly content

AI content creation tools provide you with a significant analytical advantage. They scan through thousands of articles and blog posts globally, looking for patterns and insights. They then analyze content to determine the strength of a particular keyword or the percentage of times a certain hashtag is used in relation to others. This can help you improve your SEO rankings by getting keyword-optimized content that search engines love. 

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Who Should Use AI Content Generator Tools?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best AI content generator tool for you will depend on your specific needs and goals. However, there are a few general scenarios in which AI content generators can be particularly useful.

If you are someone who is struggling to come up with ideas for new content, an AI content generator can help you create relevant content for your niche and audience. 

Using a tool can be time-saving if you are a blogger who wants to produce lots of content in a short time span. 

Similarly, if you are a content marketer looking to create highly-targeted content, an AI content writer can help you by identifying key topics and trends within your niche. It will improve your content marketing strategy.

Even students who want to improve their writing skills can benefit from using AI writing assistants.

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What Are The Best AI Content Generators?

Here are the top AI writing tools you must give a try.

1. InstaCopy

Instacopy-ai content generator

InstaCopy is an AI-based content-generating tool that provides high-quality content within a few seconds. It is quite helpful in providing content ideas to writers to help get rid of writer’s block. In short, InstaCopy keeps creativity flowing. With the easy-to-use tool, you can create both short-form and long-form content. From compelling headlines and social media copies to full-length blog posts, you can churn out a lot of content. It also helps non-writers and busy marketers create content without hiring an in-house writer. You get content that looks like coming from a human and is optimized for conversion. And the best part is that it is free of plagiarism. 

The paid Copywriter plan costs $39 per month, and the Content Writer plan costs $49 per month.


Peppertype.AI-ai content generator

Peppertype is an AI writing software that provides customized content in a few seconds. You can train the AI-powered tool to match your preferences and write content with its templates. It helps meet the content needs of blog writers, content creators, marketers, SEO managers, product managers, and more. The tool is capable of providing original content free of plagiarism. 

The paid plan starts at $25 per month.

3. Article Forge

Article Forge-ai content generator

Article Forge is a high-quality content generator that helps you generate short-form and long-form articles with a single click. Powered by AI and deep learning, you get unique and SEO-optimized content in a few seconds. The content is similar to that humans write without the hassle of hiring one! What’s more, the output has a higher chance of ranking on search engines as the algorithms will love it. The tool is quite easy to use. You have to enter the keyboard and wait 60 seconds to receive the output. Additionally, the content is 100% unique and free of plagiarism.

Their paid plan starts at $27 per month when billed monthly.

4. Copysmith

Copysmith-ai content generator

Copysmith is another AI-powered content generation tool that also helps launch and distribute marketing content. You can use it to write SEO-focused product descriptions to outshine competitors and increase sales. It suits agencies, e-commerce websites, and enterprises for their content requirement. It has a campaign builder to help you build your campaign and visualize the journey for your customers. Though the tool ensures that the content is original, they currently have an in-built free plagiarism checker that supports 100+ languages with translation.

The paid plan starts at $19 per month (monthly billing).

5. Jasper

Jasper AI-ai content generator

Jasper is an AI content-generating platform that relieves writer’s block and helps create original content faster. You can use the tool to create highly converting marketing copies and long-form content. The tool also lets you work collaboratively and get real-time updates. The generator is available as a chrome extension to help you write content on the go. It works well for content creators and marketing teams who are too busy to sit down and write content from scratch. Currently, you can create content in 25 languages using the tool.

The paid plan starts at $29 per month for 20,000 words.

6. Rytr

Rytr-ai content generator

Rytr writer is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps create top-notch content in a few seconds. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You only have to choose your use case, enter an input to provide context, and wait for the tool to write content for you.

The best part is that the tool eliminates writer’s block and helps write email copies, ad copies, and full-length blogs in different tones. There are 40-plus use cases and templates for different requirements. And 20+ tones of voice to bring emotions to the copy. At present, you can create content in more than 30 languages using the tool. Needless to say, the content is original and compelling. Additionally, to ensure that there is not much editing required, the tool uses the AIDA and PAS formulas while crafting the content. The tool is also available as a browser extension to help you save time.

The paid plan starts at $9 per month.


Copy AI-ai content generator is a content-generating platform that uses AI to write content and copy faster. It helps get rid of writer’s block and helps you create content with 90 + tools and templates. Right from blog content to digital ad copies, sales copies, content for social media, and website copies, the tool has a lot to offer. It is an easy-to-use tool that speeds up content generation for blog writers, social media managers, and email marketers alike.

The paid plan starts at $49 per month.

8. AI Writer

AI Writer-ai content generator

AI-Writer is an AI copywriting tool that uses writing models to write articles using a headline as the input. The content is original along with being SEO-friendly, and compelling by nature. You can straightaway publish the content to WordPress. Using the tool, you can save 50% of your time and get a higher ROI. At the same time, being SEO optimized, the content helps get traffic and earn more revenue. The tool also has a writer to help you replace content. The tool also provides verifiable citations to build trust. 

The paid plan starts at $29 per month.

9. Scalenut


Scalenut helps generate content with the help of AI. The tool helps you create meaningful SEO content outlines with the help of their content reports. You get ideas for blog posts, product descriptions, copies, and more with a single click. It helps you produce high-quality content with real-time keyword feedback, including readability score and word count. The tool is also available as a chrome extension which is quite handy for everyone. The tool is perfect for content creators, content strategists, founders, and marketing agencies.

The paid plan starts from $10 per month.

10. Frase


Frase is a content generator that uses its own proprietary AI model. It is a user-friendly tool that requires you to provide input before you can get a well-crafted short-form copy or long-form content. It researches and writes high-quality SEO-optimized content and saves a lot of time. Write from blog outlines to product descriptions and blog posts. It can help deal with creative blocks. The content is unique and original without any plagiarism.

The paid plan starts at $45 per month.

 11. Writesonic


Write is an assistant that helps write SEO-optimized content in a few seconds. You can use it for long and short-form content and get highly compelling output. It is for everyone, from freelancers to enterprises looking for content creation the quick way. The tool is suitable for writers, e-commerce websites, larger marketing teams, and even entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. The tool is quite user-friendly and helps you create content in more than 25 languages. 

The paid plan starts at $15 per month for 30,000 words. 

12. Smart Copy

Smart Copy

Smart Copy is a content generator powered by AI. Just like its name suggests, it is a smart tool that writes all kinds of content like an expert. It helps get rid of writer’s block by writing short-form and long-form content in a few seconds. The tool has more than 45 templates to choose from and creates various content pieces, from ad copies to emails to product descriptions. With its writing extension for Chrome, you can create copies directly from your browser. Overall, it is a user-friendly tool that takes minimal input to generate high-quality content that is free of plagiarism and SEO-friendly.

The paid plan starts at $9 per month.

13. Content Bot AI

Content Bot AI

Content bot is an advanced AI editor using which you can create blog post content, ad copies, and much more. The tool is ideal for content marketers, digital marketers, copywriters, SEO specialists, bloggers, and more. It provides unique and original content in just a few clicks, so you never run out of ideas. The tool helps generate long-form content that you can publish directly after a few edits and basic fact-checking. The tool only requires a few input fields and generates content in less than 30 seconds. There are a total of 35 generators for creating different content pieces with a uniqueness score available to help you understand how original the content generated by the tool is. The tool currently supports all the languages available on Google Translate.

The paid plan starts at $29 per month for 40,000 words.

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The Cons Of Using Content Generation Tools

While using tools to create content is a great investment, it has its downsides. Let’s take a look at the biggest con of using AI tools for content generation,

Lack Of The Human Element

Those who use these tools daily say they miss the human element, as they often complain about a lack of soul in these platforms. While you might get extra content from a well-groomed algorithm, you won’t get the personal touch that only humans can give.

Also, algorithms can only work with what’s already been programmed; they are not capable of doing what humans can do. This is one of the main reasons to prefer content written by humans instead of the one churned by a bot.

As much as we’ve seen these platforms get better at automating content writing, you’ll still need to have someone to take care of all the little details that an algorithm can’t handle. 

It is noteworthy that most people are interested in content creation and focus on effective content marketing.

What Is The Future Of AI Content Generation Tools?

Artificial intelligence is used for various applications in the content creation space, from SEO copywriting to blog post posting and social media marketing. The software helps automate the writing process while enabling content creators to experiment with different styles and tones. In addition, AI tools can monitor content performance and provide insights into how readers interact with it. This means content creators can tailor their strategies and approaches to fit their audience’s unique needs and preferences. (Here’s a post on content marketing KPIs).

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Invest In An AI Content Generator To Speed Up Writing

Our comprehensive list of the best AI content generator tools will help you make your choice faster and create content for blogs, websites, and social media in a few minutes. These AI content generator software use machine learning to scan the internet for relevant content and put together a compelling content piece. You can save time and resources considerably by choosing the power of AI. It is definitely the future of content creation. 

Don’t forget to thank us when you start seeing the difference! 

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1. How does AI content generation work?

AI content generators use natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) to create text. It uses AI algorithms to generate high-quality content that resonates with the reader. 

2. Is AI writing good for SEO?

AI SEO content writing helps you create content that is search engine optimized. Try choosing a tool that writes with search engines in mind and weaves content around the keyword entered. 

3. Can AI replace content writers?

No, AI writing tools cannot replace content writers completely. Using tools can help increase their productivity & get writing done faster, but it can never replace humans. It is better to embrace the change & leverage the tools.