If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, Twitter is the platform you should focus on. It’s the biggest and the most active social media platform, with over 450 million monthly active users, and nearly every business owner, marketer, and influencer has a Twitter account. It’s the perfect place to connect with customers, gain credibility, grow your business, and generate revenue.

It’s also incredibly easy to get started with. Once you have an account, you can use the platform to share content and engage with followers.

However, it’s easy for your tweets to get lost in the shuffle. Thus, if you want to bring more attention to your content, you need to grow your following. And for that, you need to follow certain tips and tricks that will increase your following manifold. 

If you are searching for tips, you are at the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to build your Twitter following super fast. So keep reading till the last line. 

Why Do Twitter Followers Matter?

To answer this question, you can consider two scenarios:

Scenario 1- You have a few engaged Twitter followers

Scenario 2 – You have a large following that retweets your content and shares all the links you tweet, which drives more traffic.

From this, you can understand that having more Twitter followers will extend your reach.

The truth is that most people want social proof and having followers is just one of them. It is obvious that people will reject those who have only one follower and your chances of getting a retweet or a favorite is very low. 

Also, if you want to build your following, you must have more followers. It may sound ridiculous, but that is how it works! An influencer may take a long while to touch the 3,000 followers mark, but we can make his next 3000 followers faster. Someone with just 100 followers won’t be able to increase his following the way a 3000 followers person can. 

Having more followers also helps you increase your reach which is more like a snowball effect. That is, when a ball of snow moves down the hill, it keeps gathering snow and moves down, and this is what happens with Twitter followers. The number of followers also indicates your influence, but eventually, you have to win the trust of the followers to look genuine.

How To Build A Twitter Following?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to grow Twitter following. They’ll help you build an enviable number.

1. Tweet More Often

Tweet More Often-How To Build A Twitter Following

One of the simplest ways to gain followers is to continue posting regularly. Unlike other social platforms, Twitter measures organic reach in hundreds rather than thousands. So, even if you only have a few hundred followers, you’ll still be able to engage with users through your tweets. Consistency will help establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry. People can approach you for advice or information about your industry. So, keep posting regularly, and soon your follower count will increase! 

2. Write A Compelling Twitter Bio

An important part of your Twitter profile is your bio. Your bio is like the mini-essay that goes along with your profile picture. It can tell people who you are, what you’re like, and what you’re interested in. Most Twitter users spend about three to five minutes on their bio.

The best way to make your bio interesting is to be a concise but descriptive person. If you can explain yourself in 140 characters or less, write it in clear prose. Don’t think about how your bio sounds. Another important tip is to keep your bio as short as possible. Also, make sure everything about you, your personality and professional background, fits within the bio. 

Overall, if you want to have an influential account on Twitter and become a prominent figure in your industry, be sure to write an intriguing bio. 

3. Get Verified

Get Verified-How To Build A Twitter Following

Having a verified profile on Twitter can help you build your following. First, it adds an extra level of authenticity to your account, which can encourage people to follow you. 

Second, it shows that you are an active and engaged user, which is another reason for people to choose you. 

And finally, it gives you access to certain features that can help you grow your following, such as the ability to run verified accounts-only ads. 

So, getting your profile verified is a good place to start if you’re looking to build your Twitter following.

4. Follow Influential People

If you want to grow your Twitter account and gain traction, you can follow some of the platform’s biggest and most popular users. Not only will they follow you back, but they may also help promote your account, blog, and business.

Some of the platform’s most significant users are those with over 10 million followers. And what’s interesting is that many of them didn’t grow their account organically – they grew through paid advertisements on the platform. 

There are many benefits to following influential people, and you can start building a following right away. Remember that whenever you re-tweet someone, you’re advertising their content – whether you want to or not. Period. 

5. Stay Aware Of Competitors

Stay Aware Of Competitors

As a marketer, staying aware of your competitors is essential to stay ahead of the game. It applies to building a following on Twitter as well. You can learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes by keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing. If they’re being more active or engaging than you are, it’s time to step up your game. 

Additionally, you can get suggestions for content marketing strategies to expand your audience. So, if you want to build a successful Twitter following, ensure that you stay aware of what your competitors are up to.  

6. Use Twitter Lists

Twitter provides an excellent way for people to follow the accounts they find exciting or entertaining. But if you want to increase your reach on the platform, you can create themed Twitter lists to reach people based on the content you share specifically.

For example, if you run a blog focused on fashion, you can create a ‘fashion lists’ with your favorite blogs and websites to follow. Or if you run a business blog, you can create a ‘business lists’ to follow other bloggers’ business content, tips, and advice.

Creating these lists allows you to follow the people, blogs, and websites you deem valuable for your niche.

7. Post At The Right Time

Post At The Right Time-How To Build A Twitter Following

Timing is crucial with tweets. You can stay focused on building your Twitter presence by scheduling tweets ahead of time. It gives you a chance to think and plan your tweets and ensures they will be informative and meaningful. If you tweet too early, your tweet may have a harmful impact and even lead to people ignoring you. The mantra is that a tweet made at the right time for the right audience can help you build your Twitter following. 

But what is the right time? 

Like any other social media platform, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to posting on Twitter. The best time to tweet depends on various factors, including the type of content you’re posting and what’s happening around you.

8. Focus On Visual Content

There is no denying the fact that a picture speaks a thousand words. An image can convey the message far better than a whole long-form content piece which is why visual content is so common in social media. Visuals like graphics, images, and videos allow you to connect with your audiences on a different level. By making your tweets visually appealing, you can get more attention from your followers. It attracts and engages your target audiences better than plain boring blocks of text. They are also more likely to share your tweet, widening your reach.

9. Leverage The Power Of Hashtags

Leverage The Power Of Hashtags

The idea behind Twitter hashtags is to allow users to easily find content that they’re interested in by using a keyword or words associated with the topic. Using hashtags in your tweets allows others to find your tweet. All you have to do is use keywords like *{your company name}* or *{your product name}* in the hashtags, and it will be easy for others to find out about your product or services. 

It’s a quick and easy way for people to find your content, whether it’s a tweet, photo, or video. Let’s look at this example, if you were selling baby clothes, you could create a hashtag for ‘baby suits’ and then share photos of models.

10. Join Twitter Groups

If you’re the competitive type, you can also join a Twitter community. On the platform, you’ll see a set of covered bars at the top of the screen. These are your Twitter groups. From here, you can engage with other users by tweeting and participating in group discussions.

Each time you join a Twitter group, you’ll see a notification at the top of the screen stating the group’s rules. Make sure to read these rules carefully before you start taking part. You’ll also find a list of popular groups and the users participating in each one. By joining them, you’ll increase your engagement on the platform and attract more followers.

11. Focus On Retweeting

Focus On Retweeting-How To Build A Twitter Following

This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t retweet or share content from people or organizations they follow. When you share content relevant to your industry, you are essentially giving the source credibility. If a business or person you’re following on Twitter produces relevant content, it is in your best interest to retweet it. You never know when a little bit of exposure can lead to big things.

12. Tag Other People And Brands

If you’re new to Twitter, you might wonder what the point of tagging is. After all, isn’t tagging supposed to be done in a moment of self-expression, when you’re spontaneously describing something about the person or brand you’re tagging? Well, you might be thinking about Twitter the wrong way. Tagging is actually a pretty significant aspect of the platform, and it’s a great way to expose your audience to new content and engage with them on a more personal level.

13. Participate In Twitter Conversations

Participate In Twitter Conversations

One of the best things about Twitter is its conversational format. You don’t have to conform to rigid timelines and keep to a single topic for the entire duration of a conversation. This can be difficult to navigate on other platforms, where the focus is more on the content than the context. 

If you’re looking to join a conversation on Twitter, make sure you’re contributing something of value to the conversation. This could be an opinion, a suggestion, or even something funny about what’s happening in the world. It’s always nice when someone comes along and keeps the conversation going without getting too aggressive. 

One of the best things you could do to grow your Twitter following is to jump on any trending topic. Twitter trends are a great way to gain attention on the platform and to engage with users. When you join a trending topic, you’ll appear in people’s Twitter searches, which will eventually lead to you gaining more followers.

On the other hand, avoiding a trending topic means you’ll likely remain hidden from potential followers. If you decide to venture into a trending topic, make sure that your tweets are relevant and add value to the conversation. You can also try asking questions or starting a discussion. Just be sure that your tweets stay focused on the conversation.

15. Use The Right Keywords & Phrases

Use The Right Keywords & Phrases

Even if you use the right hashtags and craft great content, your tweet won’t get attention if you don’t use the right keywords and phrases. Make sure to incorporate your keywords and phrases into your content so that when someone is searching for your content, they will discover it. You will be in a better position to generate lots of engagement and attention.

16. Use Twitter Analytics

If you want to get the most from your Twitter account, you need to be sure to check your analytics regularly. This includes everything from the number of followers you have to the engagement you get. This way, you can see what’s working and what’s not and make the appropriate updates. 

You can also look at your search traffic to see what topics people search for related to your tweets. This information can help you determine what content is doing well and what changes you should make to continue growing your account.

So, that was all about how to build Twitter followers easily.

Gear Up To Build Your Twitter Following

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business with social media marketing, Twitter is the perfect platform to focus on. With the help of the tips and tricks we shared in this blog post, you can build your Twitter following super fast. You can grow fast with some of the hacks, while it may take time with others. Now that you have your arms with you, you can get into the battleground with elan! 

Here’s wishing you all the luck in your task to increase Twitter followers organically. 


How to build a Twitter following from scratch?

Following tips like joining Twitter trends, using hashtags, retweeting, tagging other people and brands, posting consistently & using relevant keywords help build a Twitter following from scratch.

How long does it take to build a Twitter following?

When you are building a Twitter profile from scratch, it can take you several months (around 9+ months) to gain an enviable following. However, several other factors contribute to the time required.

How to build a following on Twitter with paid ads?

To build a following with ads, you must first create a good profile, create your Twitter ad account, set up your first Twitter ad, decide the starting & ending and the target audience. Next, set the budget and create the ad.