Running out of ideas is a writer’s biggest nightmare, and it is almost sure to come true for every copywriter in due course. 

Here’s a common scenario – You sit in front of a blank Google Doc, intending to fill it with words that will touch the hearts of your target customers and get them reaching for their wallets. But you are right where you started after hours of brainstorming!

This phenomenon is called Writer’s Block and becomes a major challenge for copywriters as they must always be at their creative best. In fact, top copywriters produce around 2000 words of highly imaginative content each day, and you can’t get there without a steady flow of ideas!

The good news is that you can easily overcome blocks while writing with predefined formats that have proven their worth over the years. These formats offer the structure or template for writing copies, hence the name ‘copywriting templates.’ And we will help you make the most out of these templates so you can easily get around the dreaded writer’s block.

This blog will cover the basics of copywriting templates and walk you through the process of using them with time-tested templates. Sounds good? Let’s get started! 

What Are Copywriting Templates?

A copywriting template is a preset format that a writer follows while creating promotional written content such as email scripts, ad copies, landing page content, social media posts, etc. It helps writers write quickly and easily by providing a proven structure to follow while writing. 

Writing templates can multiply your productivity by saving you lots of time and effort, especially if you’re a beginner. And it comes in handy when you have no writing prompts to inspire you or are at a loss for ideas. Moreover, there are diverse templates that serve as a guide for every type of promotional content. You will never be lost when you sit to write with suitable templates and can improve your copywriting skills!

Also try using copywriting formulas to make your life easier.

Who Benefits From Copywriting Templates And How?

Copywriting is a demanding activity that requires creativity, inspiration, and persistent work. It also varies depending on your audience, purpose, and format.

So, you must always be in top form and create clear, concise, credible, and compelling copies because there’s no place for mediocre content in the competitive business world! But you can’t always be at your best as a writer. You are bound to get exhausted or simply run out of ideas over time. And this is where copywriting templates come in to save the day!

With copywriting templates, you get pre-defined formats that have proven their success. You just need to research using its guidelines and fit the right content into its structure in creative language. This way, templates make writing much easier and quicker for copywriters who write different promotional content. It may be a landing page, a sales page, an email, a blog post, or anything else!

Do read about the Types Of Copywriting.

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Pros of Using Copywriting Templates

After knowing what copywriting is, it is time to know about templates. Copywriting templates give you the basic structure upon which you can easily build creative and compelling copies. This makes them a boon for all copywriters, especially those new in the line. Here is a list of the advantages of using copywriting templates:

  • Templates simplify the creation of promotional content of all types.
  • Templates can ease your workload and reduce your stress while raising your efficiency.
  • Templates are based on time-tested examples, so copies made using templates will surely grab your audience’s attention.
  • Templates save time and money by boosting your productivity.
  • Templates also improve the relevance and clarity of your copies, eventually boosting your brand impression and engagement.

Here are the overall benefits of copywriting.

The Top 35 Copywriting Templates

Now that we know the meaning, importance, and applications of copywriting templates, it’s time to check out some top examples of templates to help you get started. Here are some essential tips and popular templates used for copywriting, divided based on the content type-

Headline Templates

Headline Templates-copywriting templates

The headline of your content is essential to generate interest and engagement with your ad or article, so your readers go on to read the content. Here are the key guidelines you must follow to write better headlines-

  • Make the headline unique
  • Keep them specific and brief
  • Convey a sense of urgency
  • Provide something useful
  • State the key benefits
  • Use exciting and compelling adjectives
  • Flag the target reader in your headlines
  • Use words that evoke emotions
  • Keep the headline personalized and relatable

Check out these successful templates to jumpstart the process of writing killer headlines- 

1. Who Else Wants [desirable advantage of offering]?

2. Here Is a Method That Is Helping [successful people] to [getting their achievements]

3. Get Rid of [the problem your offering solves] Once and For All

4. Give Me [short time] and I’ll Give You [the advantage you offer]

5. What Everybody Ought to Know About [relevant and interesting topic]

Email Subject Line Templates

Email Subject Line Templates

An effective email starts with a subject line that grabs the recipients’ attention and gets them interested in reading the mail. Good email subject lines are usually compelling and give people a reason to check out your full content. 

To ensure this, you must keep the needs of your audience in mind and test different phrases to see what they connect with. Here are eight crucial components you should integrate into your marketing or sales email subject lines to get maximum performance-

  • Personalization based on the recipient’s main details
  • Terms that generate curiosity
  • An attractive offer
  • Terms that create a feeling of urgency or scarcity
  • A relatable human touch
  • Uniqueness and freshness of content
  • Social proof
  • Storytelling

Here are some templates for email subject lines to show you how you can apply these components-

6. Want to know the trick to achieving [the goal]?

7. {{Mutual connection}} recommended I get in touch

8. Hi {{name}}, [question]?

9. A [benefit offered] for {{prospect’s company}}

10. [Number] tips/ideas for solving [the pain points]

Email Marketing Templates

Email Marketing -copywriting templates

You must coordinate with your marketing and sales team to understand the type of email required. This will ensure you are speaking to the right audience the right way. Usually, you send marketing emails to those who showed some interest. These may include either newsletters or a series of emails to nurture leads.

While drafting your email copy, you must focus on how your email will encourage the reader to take the desired action over time. This action may include clicking a link to learn more about the offering or scheduling a call with a sales representative to discuss the deal. 

11. Here’s a template you can use to welcome new subscribers to your email newsletter:

Hi {{Prospect name}},

Thank you for signing up for [something the users just signed up for, like a blog subscription, newsletter subscription, services, etc.]

At [Company Name], we’re working to [list a few of your company’s core objectives or include your mission statement]. We encourage you to check out [suggest some recommendations so the reader can continue learning more about your company].

If you ever have any questions, please contact us at [Contact information].

Thank you,

{{Company Name, or individual’s name}}

12. You may use this email copywriting template for building engagement and starting sales through email marketing:

Hi {{prospect name}},

Lately, I’ve spent some time thinking about [challenge prospect is facing]. It’s a big problem for companies like yours — after all, [reasons why this pain point is significant].

I don’t have a complete solution yet. However, I do have a couple of ideas that could make a significant difference. Do you want to hear them?

Best wishes,

{{Your name}}

Cold Email Templates

Cold Email Templates-copywriting templates

A cold email is an unsolicited email that you send to potential customers based on market research. Cold emails help build brand awareness because of their introductory nature. And they are generally targeted to prospects who have not interacted with your brand before but might find your product/services useful. Here’s what a good cold email includes-

Here are some examples of effective cold email copywriting templates-

13. Template for general cold emails:

Hi {{prospect name}},

My name is [your name] and I work with {{company name}}.

We help [prospect] to [benefit].

I wanted to learn what [product/service] you’re currently using and show you what we’re offering.

Are you available for a brief call in the coming week?

14. Template for B2B cold emails:

Hi {{prospect name}},

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to [achieve a relevant result]?

I did some research on [prospect’s company name], and I can offer some advice regarding [areas].

Do you have time for a call tomorrow at [2 possible times] to discuss a solution for your company?

Call to Action Templates

Call to Action Templates-copywriting templates

A call to action invites users to take the desired action. You should place it at the end or at other appropriate points within marketing content. It can be in any medium, including videos, advertisements, blog posts, social posts, and landing pages. And you may use a button, hyperlink, or image that persuades the reader to click and take further action. 

While creating a CTA, you must aim to compel the reader into favorable action such as registration, purchase, or contact. Also, ensure that the content convinces prospects about the offering’s value to boost the effectiveness of your CTA.

Here are some examples of effective call-to-action templates to help you make irresistible calls-to-action-

15. Subscribe today to seize [the opportunity]!

16. Learn how to [important solution]

17. Yes, I want [desirable advantage of the offering]

18. Try [the product/service] free for 21 days!

19. Get [x]% extra for just [cost] more!

Product Description Templates

Product Description Templates

Product descriptions play a vital role in any e-commerce business by providing information about the product to prospective customers. They can be highly effective because customers are well-informed and look for complete details in a compact form to ensure maximum value for money. And product descriptions can provide this right next to the product titles or images.

Good product descriptions are concise, SEO optimized, and informative. Moreover, they include the main technical details, keywords, power words, and A/B tests, along with a scannable list of product selling points. Here are some points to help you use them successfully-

  • Research your target audience, environment, and product thoroughly before writing.
  • Make your product descriptions short and sweet.
  • Use storytelling, and don’t be afraid to be unique.
  • Get technical to win trust where required.
  • Know when to show, tell, and describe.

Here are some effective product description templates-

20. Template for a general description of a product

 Finally! A [product/service type] that’s [best characteristics]

For those times when ___________________ (pain point), this ________________ (product name) will ________________ (pleasure it delivers). It has __________________ (features) to ____________________ (benefits of the features).

21. Template for targeted product description

The perfect [product type] for [target users]

This/these ___________________________ (product name) make the perfect (required type) for ______________________ (person) on ________________ (occasion). _______________ (customer or product recipient) will love _________________ (features) for ______________ (benefits of the features).

Social Media Post Templates

Social Media Post Templates

Social media offers a vast reach and user base for your content marketing efforts. But it is also very competitive and saturated, with over 30 billion pieces of content shared monthly on Facebook alone!

To cut through the static, your posts must stand out and directly address what your audience wants in an engaging style. Here are some tips for effective social media copywriting

  • Start by understanding the platform’s details, including character limits, existing competition, and demographics of the average social media user on it.
  • Define your voice and tone.
  • Use emotional and relatable language.
  • Research and address your target audience’s desires and problems precisely.

Here are some social media copywriting templates to help you hit the ground running-

22. You have [the problem]. You [the result of the problem]. Call [the company to solve it].

23. Stuck [doing something] manually? There has to be a better way. Enter [product/service name]!

24. [x]% growth? It’s possible. And it can be yours! See how…

25. How we increased our [metric] by [percent] with [unique solution related to offering].

26. Shout out to [follower’s handle] for this awesome pic! [INSERT IMAGE]

LinkedIn Message Templates

LinkedIn Message Templates

LinkedIn is a giant community of professionals from all industries, where you can find and connect with top business decision-makers. So, it’s a priceless tool for B2B businesses to generate leads, grow brand awareness, and connect with influential individuals. Here are some tips for writing effective LinkedIn messages to help you expand your network and get more leads on the platform-

  • Establish your hook early in the message
  • Introduce yourself briefly
  • Adapt to your intended audience and use relatable language
  • Use urgency to your benefit
  • Stay professional and to the point
  • Show that you understand the prospect’s business and its problems

Seems complicated? Try these templates to simplify the message creation process- 

27. Template for a sales message

Hey {{prospect name}},

I’d love to connect with you. I found [prospect’s company name] through [source] and saw that you have several [product type being offered] you use for [its purpose].

I’m the founder of {{your company name}}, a [relevant company purpose] firm that has worked with [top client names].

Does {{prospect’s company name}} need any help [its purpose] at the moment?

Warm regards,

{{your name}}

28. Template for an outreach and engagement message

Hi {{prospect name}},

I just finished [reading/watching your post/comment/content, etc.] and found it interesting that [include a few points you found interesting]. I also noticed that we share a few mutual connections, like [list the relevant mutual connections].

Let’s connect and keep sharing excellent content with each other!

Facebook Ad Copy Templates

Facebook Ad Copy Templates

You must ensure that your Facebook ads are doing their job, or your ad spending will be futile. And the most important aspect of a good ad is the ad copy. Good ad copywriting is a guide that attracts prospects and shows where they need to go. It persuades, excites, and entertains while making connections, stressing key advantages, and compelling the audience to proceed!

But how do you write good ad copies? Try following these pro tips-

  • Apply Facebook targeting to narrow your audience
  • Write different Facebook ads for different people to ensure personalization
  • Ensure your ad copy goes well with your visual
  • Use one clear Call-to-Action
  • Keep it brief and lead with value
  • Use simple language and an easily understandable structure
  • Be upfront about your numbers
  • Test your ad copies and analyze their performance regularly

Here are a couple of popular templates to help you create attractive Facebook Ad copies-

29. Template to establish brand awareness


[Line describing the below image or video with hashtags if required.]

{INSERT IMAGE OR VIDEO (that has reference to your product in an entertaining manner)}

[Add descriptive lines with hashtags and CTA hyperlink if required where you mention the relevant use of your offering] 

30. Template to drive traffic to your site


[Line describing the below image/carousel/ or video]


[Add promotional lines with hashtags and CTA using hyperlinks if required] 

YouTube Video Description Templates

YouTube Video Description Templates

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is a powerful channel for your video marketing efforts. It is an effective method to reach more people with high-quality videos and SEO.

And one of the most important tactics for SEO and audience engagement is creating impactful YouTube descriptions. Here are some tips to help you with this-

  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) to ask viewers to subscribe, turn on notifications, visit your site for more content, or share your content with their network.
  • Add your personality and connect with subscribers to give the personal touch.
  • Be clear and concise in the description.
  • Create anticipation for new content in the descriptions.
  • Use a short content description and timestamps in the description to make videos more understandable and scannable.
  • Make your first 200 characters count. This is because the text is cut off after 200 characters, and viewers need to click “Show more” to see the remaining text. 

Still not sure? Don’t worry! Here are two templates to help you write compelling video descriptions on YouTube-

31. Template requesting viewers to watch/read further relevant content to get relevant benefits.

This is a part of a [larger collection] on [important or entertaining collection]. Check out more about [the topic] in our [collection with attractive adjectives] here: [text with hyperlink] 

32. Template to describe the video and simplify viewing using summary and timestamps-

In this video, you will see [complete summary sentence followed by required summary paragraphs].

Here is what we’ll cover in this video-

[xy:zw] [New topic at that time] 

[ab:cd} [New topic at that time] (repeated as per requirement)

Google Ads Headlines

Google Ad headlines are the headlines used in search result ads. The headline of an ad consists of up to three pipe-separated parts where you can enter up to 30 characters each to promote the product or service. It plays a key role in attracting the attention of web searchers and increasing traffic to the site it links to.

An effective Google Ads headline has these typical characteristics-

  • It is relevant to your landing page
  • It includes your target keywords
  • It highlights the key benefits of your product or service
  • It’s free of grammatical errors
  • It addresses your prospects’ search queries
  • It blends in with organic search results
  • It is attractive and unique but not deceiving
  • It follows a consistent capitalization style (either Title Case or Sentence case)
  • It is clear and concise

Here are some templates that will help you decide on the right Ad headlines-

33. Template for a headline that overcomes a common objection to a solution

[Category of service or product offered] – No [common objection raised about the offering such as high fees, harmful ingredients, hassles, etc.] | [Brand name]

34. Template for a headline that offers an incentive

[Category of the offering] – Save [x]% with [brand or product/service name] – [website name]

35. Template for a competitive headline that shows the unique advantages of your product/service

Why choose [your offering]? – Get more [main benefit] with [your offering] | [website name]

Ready To Use The Tried-and-Tested Copywriting Templates?

This blog has covered the fundamentals of copywriting templates and then offered helpful copywriting tips and template examples to help you write every type of copy. 

As you saw, copywriting templates can work wonders for your productivity while helping you avoid writer’s block. However, you may also need to apply other methods along with templates to stay in top form. These may include taking regular breaks, getting enough sleep, using AI assistants, reading, or whatever else works for you! (Find more Copywriting Secrets here!)

So, you can now use the offered tricks and templates to write copies quickly without worrying about the shortage of ideas or doubts about the structure. You can also try using AI copywriting tools to eliminate writer’s block.

All the best!


What are copywriting templates?

A copywriting template is a guide that copywriters follow while writing copies for ads, landing pages, posts, emails, etc. It offers a standardized structure that helps writers write more quickly and effectively.

Why do you need copywriting templates?

Copywriting templates help writers to overcome the shortage of ideas while ensuring their writing is clear, well-structured, and fast. You can apply it to diverse content like social media posts, emails, and websites.

What are the best tips for beginners in copywriting?

Here are some top copywriting tips for beginners-
Use templates
Identify your audience and speak their language
Be clear and concise
Appeal to your audience’s emotions
Avoid using negative terms wherever possible