With tons of promotional content over the internet, the audience is becoming increasingly immune to standard ad copies. You can see this in the constant drop in customer attention span, which is now at an all-time low of 8 seconds!

So, a copy that is not exceptionally eye-catching and persuasive will end up being one that netizens ignore! And this brings us to the question- How to write copies that bring high conversions?

This blog on copywriting secrets will answer this question by explaining the key ingredients of successful copies. It will then cover some time-tested tips to help you write outstanding copies that establish trust, assert authority, build relationships, and get people talking, sharing, and buying!

Keep reading to discover the top 15 copywriting secrets that will help you make unbeatable copies that will boost conversions manifold. Let’s go!

What is the essential ingredient of great copywriting?

Copywriting has three critical ingredients that form the foundation of its effectiveness. And your copies will fail to have an impact if even one of these ingredients is missing. Here are the essential ingredients that your copy must have-

Human touch

The human appeal of a marketing copy makes it outshine the crowd of promotional content! A copy that people connect with at a human level will compel readers into action, leading to greater conversions and sales. 

But how do you incorporate the human touch, you may ask?

The key is to deliver a clear, concise, and engaging message that directly addresses the needs or problems of the target audience instead of directly praising the offering. You must address the customers’ pain points in a friendly, relatable, and convincing manner with real-life data or examples to back it up.

Reality checks

It’s easy to go off track while writing and sharing creative copies due to the influence of your personal opinions, style, and interests. So, you must stay updated with the changing realities through regular market research. Moreover, you must constantly analyze the results of your copies to make timely course corrections.

Without constant market research and result analysis, you may end up wasting your time and money on elaborate copies that don’t bring enough returns. So, you must develop a feedback and control system to find and improve the results of your copies. The key factors to consider are customer preferences, competitors, new trends, and other market factors.


Your target audience is constantly bombarded with content, making them resistant to any promotion. So, you need to have something surprising and refreshing to catch their attention.

You must focus on the originality and uniqueness of your content and avoid using the traditional route of directly praising your product. Instead, you must present the benefits of the offering creatively while keeping the customer’s perspective in mind. To write converting blog posts, try our free blog post generator.

Practical Copywriting secrets

A copy with these three major ingredients is good in theory. But there are also many practical tips that you must follow to create copies that increase conversions and sales. Here are some top copywriting secrets to help you make the most compelling and lucrative copies-

1. Build Trust With Your Audience

Build Trust With Your Audience

There are thousands of brands out there in every niche. And all make tall promises about the effectiveness of their products or services. So why would your prospective customers prefer your brand over a competitor?

The answer is trust! The trust of the audience in your brand turns them into your loyal customers. And this trust develops over time through high-quality offerings and authentic copywriting secrets that resonates with its audience. Accordingly, here are two key measures to make your copies more compelling, genuine, and trustworthy-

  • Use Trust Words

Try using words associated with building trust. Some terms that can evoke confidence in the reader’s mind include-

  • Perfect
  • Proven
  • Recommended
  • Authentic
  • Lifetime
  • Guide
  • Grow
  • Save
  • Leading
  • Improve
  • Backed
  • Endorsed
  • Provided
  • Friendly
  • Prove Yourself

There’s no shortcut to building a good reputation. You must back your claims with actual product and service quality to earn a positive reputation over time. Eventually, you can present your reputation in your copies as case studies, customer testimonials, and awards. Real-life copywriting examples will act as solid proof for your claims, helping to attract new customers easily!

2. Agitate

Your audience is naturally reluctant when it comes to trying out new brands. So, it is your job to agitate them through your copies! It is one copywriting skill you should master.

Your copies must have the power to compel the audience to pay attention to your message and act favorably upon it. Here are some tips for agitating your audience-

  • Use Fear Words

Words that trigger fear are highly effective at grabbing attention when used correctly. You must use them to resonate with the audience and address their concerns. However, you must not attempt to scare or patronize your audience! Here are some effective fear words-

  • Beware
  • Scary
  • Blinded
  • Costly
  • Untested
  • Alarmed
  • Devastating
  • Fooled
  • Heartbreaking
  • Illustrate The Problem

An illustration is not always about you drawing images. You can create a written narrative that compels the audience to use their imagination! And this style can be instrumental when writing promotional copies. How?

Use your words to create a scene the audience can easily visualize and relate to. Then, present the underlying problem in this scene and project your offerings as the perfect solution.

  • Sugarcoat With Humor

Humor is a great tool to get attention and expand reach because it has a great attraction and engagement power. Moreover, people tend to remember and share things that they find humorous. After all, who doesn’t want a good laugh?

So, you can use humor in your copies to grab the audience’s attention and deliver the message in a form that leaves a lasting positive impression. Eventually, you must balance the fun with fear words and illustrations to create an engaging and compelling copy that drives your readers into action. 

3. Just Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple-copywriting secrets

To convince your audience with your copies, you must first ensure that they understand your writing! Even the most convincing copies remain ineffective if their target audience finds them tough to interpret or act upon. On the other hand, making copies very simple may water down their informative and convincing power. So, here are three key factors you must consider while copywriting to ensure the right degree of simplicity-

  • Don’t Dumb It Down

Use simple language and an easily readable format. But don’t oversimplify the text to the extent that it looks shallow and trivial!

  • Keep It Conversational

Use concise and casual language with a natural conversation flow to make your readers comfortable and involved. This typically involves using brief sentences written in active voice and first and second person.

  • Avoid Niche Jargon

Your customer may not know the complex terms and phrases relevant to your industry. So, you must use simple language that your target audience can understand rather than niche jargon.

4. Keep your writing concise

The modern audience has a short attention span and tends to ignore large blocks of text, especially if they know it is promotional. Your copy must find a good place within this limited span to leave an impact that converts into sales. And this requires your copies to be catchy and concise with the power to impress in an instant! So, here are a few copywriting tips to follow for social media, landing pages, online ads, or any other form of copy-

  • Keep It Short

People generally avoid reading long promotional pieces. But they’re often impressed by short, catchy headlines and phrases that address their problems with a human touch. So your writing must be brief and natural to have the best impact.

  • Give Your Words Meaning

When you are using fewer words, each word must deserve its place! Make sure your copies are meaningful and convey essential information by making the most efficient choice of words.  

5. Put Effort Where It Matters

Put Effort Where It Matters-Copywriting Secrets

A good copy must use just a few words to deliver a powerful message that drives the reader into action. Naturally, it is tricky to prioritize things in this limited scope, and you may spend too much time and effort on unimportant aspects. So, here are some tips to ensure that you can make the most of the brief opportunity provided by copies –

  • Focus On Your Headlines

The headline is the most crucial component of your copy as it plays a key role in boosting its visibility and impact. Here are some tips for creating a headline that will attract and retain your audience’s attention-

  • Use numbers and data to back your claims
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Use active voice and employ action-oriented power words
  • Keep Skimming In Mind

People usually skim over the content they see on the internet instead of reading every line with focus. So, your copy must be prominent, well-structured, and easily understandable in order to catch your readers’ attention as they skim over the page. 

  • Be Bold

Use bold text and highlighting to draw attention to essential points or define your structure’s headings. This will make your copy easy to read while ensuring the clear delivery of key information.

6. Practice Empathy

You must research the audience to understand their perspective. Then, you can use this understanding in your copies to connect better with the customers through personalized messages that directly address their concerns and offer practical solutions. In other words, you must build your copies upon empathy by understanding and addressing your readers’ needs and problems. Here are some tips to help you include empathy in your copies-

  • Put Yourself In Their Shoes

You must research your audience to understand their lifestyle, desires, awareness, and concerns. Understanding your audience’s perspective is crucial to help you write easily-understandable and relatable copies.

  • Emphasize Benefits, Not Features

Remember that your audience looks for the benefits of the offerings, and features are just the means to achieve those benefits. So, your copies must focus on the benefits offered rather than specific features. 

For example, people will buy a sports car for its speed and thrill rather than its engine’s Horse Power.

Try to use copywriting formulas for better results.

7. Research Before You Write

Research Before You Write-Copywriting Secrets

To create concise yet compelling content for good copies, you must first develop a deep understanding of the audience, the market, the offerings on sale, and the latest writing techniques. Hence, it is essential to regularly research to find what you are writing about, who you are writing to, and what best writing practices to follow. Here is what you to do for this-

  • Know Your Audience

The needs, desires, and perspectives of the target audience are the first consideration while designing copies. Hence, you must study the audience properly before writing for them. After all, you need to know who you are talking to before you can convince them to spend money!

  • Know What You’re Selling

Your copies must emphasize the benefits of the offering accurately to attract attention to it. Hence, you must know the ins and outs of the product or service before you can write copies that convince people to buy it. If you do not understand and believe in the offering personally, your copies will never be persuasive.

  • Keep Learning Copywriting

Copywriting is a dynamic art that evolves with its readers, mediums, market conditions, and subject. So, you must keep exploring and learning to keep up with the changes in successful copywriting techniques and styles.

8. Narrate a story

A powerful method to engage and impress readers is by telling an interesting story that covers the problems they are facing. You can use relatable examples in your stories to present how the product or service helps the readers with their issues. 

Naturally, the readers find short stories with practical examples more relatable and convincing than a few lines of promises and claims. All you need then is to add a robust CTA at the end to grab qualified leads!

9. Tie your headline to current events

Tie your headline to current events

People tend to focus on things they have been actively thinking about in their present or recent past. So, if the headline of your copy relates to ongoing popular events, it is likely that more people will pay attention to your copy. 

Readers may skim over copies with standard promotional headlines, but they often pay attention if you present a current event innovatively. These events could include festivals, large sporting events, political changes, new year celebrations, or any other significant development that affect the target audience.

10. Use Keywords Strategically

Keywords are not as popular in copywriting secrets as in content writing. But this offers an opportunity for you to make your promotion stand out! By adding well-researched keywords targeted at your prospects naturally, you can make your copies more visible, eye-catching, and effective at attracting traffic. 

So, the strategic research and use of keywords can give you a fine edge over your competitors. And this can sometimes make all the difference in your conversions and sales!

11. Start with irony

Start with irony

Irony is a form of expression where you intend to express a meaning opposite to the literal meaning of your sentence. It is a potent tool to make your audience stop and think about what they just read, helping you emphasize key points in an engaging manner. If you use it right, irony will get your audience engrossed in your copy before they know it!

12. Include only one idea per ad

Your audience has a limited attention span, therefore, your copies must be short yet impactful to convey the message to readers. As a result, it is wise to include only one idea per ad copy to avoid making the copy too long, confusing, or boring. You must deliver one clear message and focus on making the maximum impact instead of overwhelming the readers with multiple ideas in a short time.

13. Give multiple benefits for each feature

Give multiple benefits for each feature

Prospective customers look first for benefits that solve their problems or meet their needs and second for specific features. So, your ads must cover the benefits offered to the user for every product feature. 

Your copies must emphasize what the customer gets rather than what you offer. Moreover, you may add further details about every feature on the website where interested customers arrive after clicking the CTA in your copy. It is important to do so in sales copywriting.

14. Provide proof for all claims

You must back every claim with proper proof to maintain your copy’s credibility and convincing power. This is because people look for evidence before trusting any brand and its offerings. The proof may include demonstrative images, explanations, and statistics with references.

Providing proof is especially important for products sold online, where you must convince the audience with hard facts and visible evidence. Providing solid proof for all your claims will increase the chances of conversion manifold compared to unfounded statements.

15. Present your strongest feature

Present your strongest feature

You must use the opportunity offered by copies to highlight the strongest feature of your product or service that sets it apart from competitors.

Avoid mentioning too many features in a short copy as it will create clutter and may even be wasteful as people are often aware of the basic features. Remember, you don’t need to mention the four wheels in a car’s ad!

Moreover, what really leaves an impact is new, unique features and special offers. So, you must focus on presenting your strongest feature that makes your offering stand out from the competition. 

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Use All The Copywriting Secrets We Revealed & Increase Conversions

These copywriting secrets can multiply the impact of your copies by making them more attractive, relatable, trustworthy, and convincing. When applied together, these tricks will make your copies much more compelling and cost-efficient. And this will give you a significant competitive edge at no extra cost! Also, take a look at our list of the Best Copywriting Books.

So, what are you waiting for? You know the top 15 copywriting secrets to writing irresistible marketing copies. It’s time to apply these tricks to create high-converting copies that grow your sales exponentially!


1. What are copywriting secrets?

The top copywriting secrets are- telling engaging stories, practicing empathy, using irony, leveraging current events, applying extensive research, providing evidence, strategically using keywords, and more!

2. What should copywriters avoid?

Copywriters must avoid using copied or complex content that is tough to understand. Moreover, they should avoid long, boring, or blatantly promotional copies that lack the vital human touch.

3. What should copywriters know?

Copywriters must know how to convince prospects with a well-researched message that addresses their pain points in a concise yet compelling manner. They must be good at selling the benefits & outcomes instead of features.