Cold emails have always been a great asset for sales.

With the various perks of cold emailing, it is always among the most preferred channels for startups and enterprises to connect with their customers.

Luckily, with time, there are a lot of amazing cold email tools that you can use to create automated and organized systems for your business.

But how to choose which tool is best for you? You’ll be learning that right here.

In this article, we share the 12 best cold email campaign software that you can use to automate your outreach.

What Are Cold Emails?

Cold emails are the initial emails sent to potential customers without any prior contact. These emails are used to build business relations, attract customers and make them aware of your offering.

Cold email is a popular marketing and sales technique that uses email marketing to attract and convert potential customers.

It has one of the highest ROIs, where if you spend one dollar, the return can be $36.

Because of such high returns, many businesses use cold emails. And since you want to get started, here are the best cold email campaign software to assist you in 2023.

Top Cold Email Campaign Software

Here’s a list of the top cold email campaign software you should consider using,

1. EngageBay

EngageBay- cold email campaign software

Basic Plan: $12.74 per user/month

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing and sales CRM that connects all your campaigns and sales activity together. It comes with various tools that cut off repetitive tasks and allow teams to focus on what’s important.

For cold emailing, one of the most efficient tools is the email drip campaign software. A tool that allows you to ideally automate your whole sales process at once and run it without a need for human interaction.

Drip campaigns, as you know, are pre-programmed step-by-step email sequences that reach the recipient through set triggers. As a cold email tool, you add in prospects’ emails and create a sequence, the follow-ups, and the exit email.

Once the setup is complete, EngageBay email software will ensure that you reach your customers at the right time, don’t miss any follow-up, and hence increase your conversion rate.

Why Use EngageBay?

  • Lets you set up cold email drip campaigns.
  • Helps you use premade email templates to speed up email creation.
  • Lets you manage all the deals on one CRM tool.
  • Offers various other means of communication. 
SalesBlink - cold email campaign software

Email Outreach Plan: $39/mo/user

SalesBlink is a cold outreach automation tool designed to help sales teams increase their productivity and sales results. With SalesBlink, you can find leads, build multi-channel outreach campaigns with a visual drag-and-drop builder, send personalized cold emails to prospects in bulk, track open and link clicks, and generate follow-up emails based on those results. 

The tool also includes features like A/B testing, automated email sequences, email warmup, and integration with popular CRMs. With SalesBlink, you can streamline your cold email process and get more out of your outreach efforts. It is an easy-to-use tool that enables sales teams to get more leads, build relationships, and close deals faster. You can also use SalesBlink to build deal pipelines. 

Why use SalesBlink?

  • Lets you personalize text and images in emails at scale.
  • Enables multi-channel outreach through email, cold calling and LinkedIn messages.
  • Lets you create automated email sequences effortlessly.
  • Is GDPR compliant.

3. Klenty

Klenty - cold email campaign software

Startup Plan: $50 per user/month

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that truly takes automation to another level. To get started, you have over 100 email templates to set up your reach-out campaigns.

This tool allows you to set up email based on your user intent and give a more wholesome experience for your prospects.

To elaborate, you can set up an email based on triggers such as the prospect opening the email, clicking on a specific link, or visiting your website.

Based on the user’s action, you send an email accordingly and even run an A/B test to find which emails bring the highest ROI.

If you are already using other CRM software like HubSpot and Salesforce, you can easily integrate Klenty with them and create a friction-free workflow for your team.

Why Use Klenty?

  • Provides 100+ email templates to help you get started quickly.
  • Offers high-level campaign creations based on various user intent.
  • Enables easy A/B testing to optimize email campaigns.

4. - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $39/month is a cold email tool that is also a complete email CRM. It allows you to mine prospects’ emails through the company website, manage emails in various lists, create drip campaigns, and track the open and click rate of your emails.

If you are specifically looking for cold email campaign software, try to use and test it. The tool gives free 150 credits/month to mine emails, as well as a free unlimited email tracking tool for Gmail which is a good deal, especially for small businesses and freelancers.

Also, unlike most tools, is an extension-first tool, which means all you need to do is install it on your browser, and you can start using it right from the browser.

Surely, you also have your dashboard to manage all your leads, but having easy access makes this tool a go-to option whenever one needs to find qualified emails for potential clients.

Why Use

  • It is a great tool for beginners and small teams to get started.
  • Has various free features to use the tool thoroughly.
  • Assists in finding emails to track them.
  • Is easy to access through its chrome extension.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $45/month

HubSpot is among the most powerful CRM tools today, helping businesses of all sizes with their marketing, sales, and more.

The platform is a plethora of tools that one can access and use at various stages of the customer journey. And that is among the reasons why you can use HubSpot.

You see, Gmail is good, but when we are talking about more than 20 emails a day and their follow-ups—your regular Gmail dashboard fails.

Managing every lead, learning about their progress in the sales funnel, and tracking if the mail was opened or not can become chaotic if you are not using tools like HubSpot.

HubSpot lets you create various stages of the sales funnel and move each deal/conversion from one stage to another based on its status.

The tool also tracks email opens, and saves contact information about the prospects and deals in an organized and easy-to-access manner that comes in handy when working in a team.

Why Use HubSpot?

  • Lets you manage multiple prospects in one dashboard.
  • Ensures that their contact information is managed well.
  • Gives you analytics on what works best in paid plans.
  • Has various other CRM tools that you can easily integrate and remove friction from lead generation to conversion.


Skrapp - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $49/month is a cold email tool that solves one problem very accurately – Finding email addresses of potential customers. 

Skrapp is an email finder extension that you can use to find accurate and updated emails of people from their LinkedIn profiles.

The tool is very handy when it comes to finding email addresses of B2B prospects. Since you can mine the emails right from the LinkedIn profile, the personalization of the email can be very specifically curated for the recipient.

Another best part about Skrapp is that you get fifty credits for free every month, i.e, 50 accurate emails that you can reach out to, and rest assured that your mail would not bounce.

While compared to other tools, the functionalities are still limited, but the ability to mine emails so accurately makes it among the best cold email campaign software you must be aware of and use.

Why Use

  • Provides accurate email addresses.
  • Offers quick access with chrome extension. 

7. Mailshake

Mailshake - cold email campaign software

Email Outreach Plan: $58 per user/month

Mailshake is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that anyone can use.

If you are finding a tool for PR, content promotion, link building, or conversion—you’ll find a ready-to-use template with Mailshake.

Other notable features include setting up all your emails right away. That means when getting started, you can set up all your follow-up emails and schedule them right from one tool.

But one feature that makes MailShake unique is its SMTP functionality. This is the feature that helps you set up automated emails that your customer receives after making a purchase. 

You can set up all these mail based on your customers’ conversion and ensure that the emails are sent on automation while you can focus on other important areas of the business.

Why Use MailShake?

  • Enables easy and simple email campaign setup.
  • Integrates with various other tools and CRM.
  • Offers various email templates to help you get started.


Reply - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $60 per user/month is a tool that brings the best of both worlds. It is a tool that allows you to find emails of your potential customers through their LinkedIn profiles and set up campaigns to convert them into customers.

Here, you can also set up various functionalities regarding what mail to send using conditions like if and then. This gives you a much clearer user flow and helps you manage your funnel much more swiftly.

Additionally, ensures that there is the highest likelihood of your mail ranking in the inbox by managing your IP address, domain, and other important settings.

This makes among the top picks for the best cold email campaign software in 2023.

Why Use

  • Offers chrome extension for LinkedIn email mining
  • Provides conditional email follow-up
  • Has A/B testing tools to optimize emails
  • Integrates with all major CRM tools

9. Close CRM

Close CRM - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $25 per user/month

Close is undoubtedly among the most power-packed CRM software. If we take a broader overview, it allows you to track your emails, manage your calls and assist you with every other feature you need to turn leads into customers.

As you would expect, Close comes with features for cold emails as well. You can upload a list of your prospects, create various email campaigns, trace them, create drip campaigns and schedule your emails for the highest conversion.

If you are working with a team, Close will also tell you about the team member productivity data—something that can be helpful for large sales organizations.

Why Use Close?

  • Is a power CRM software that allows you to track all your emails and call in one place
  • Offers drip feature to ensure an automated sales campaign
  • Tracks Sales rep productivity

10. QuickMail

Quickmail - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $59/month

QuickMail is a great cold email tool with handy features. As we know, automation is a major part, and QuickMail ensures that it is easy to get started for you.

You can add elements of personalization in your emails such as the first name of prospects or company name using macros. It helps you personalize emails at scale. 

You can set up your follow-up emails to ensure you receive the highest conversion. QuickMail tracks all the emails right within and also warms up to have the highest possibility to land in the prospects’ inbox.

Why Use QuickMail?

  • Offers email verification before sending the mail
  • Provides Out-of-office mail identifier
  • Enables follow-up email setup along with scheduling and adding delays
  • Integrates with various other tools

11. GMass

GMass - cold email campaign software

Standard Plan: $19.95/month

GMass is a simple cold email tool that has gained popularity due to its ease of use and setup. You don’t need another dashboard to use it, as it works directly over your Gmail.

This functionality makes it a great pick for small businesses and solopreneurs looking for a powerful tool but don’t want to move away from Gmail.

GMass has all the important functions such as creating email templates, scheduling them, and tracing success through analytics that one wants. One can easily pick on how to use the tool and get started within minutes of installing it, making it a great pick for the best cold email campaign software.

Why use GMass?

  • Analytics tracks every action of the email campaign giving you useful insights.
  • Works directly over Gmail, so no need for any third-party dashboard.
  • Easy to use, at the same time power packed with powerful functionalities.

12. Woodpecker

Woodpecker - cold email campaign software

Starter Plan: $49/month

Woodpecker is a B2B follow-up email automation tool best for sales and marketing for startups. One of the most promising highlights is the pricing model, where you only pay for the add-ons you use. This helps in ensuring that you get the highest value for money proposition.

Woodpecker comes with all the necessary features that make it a reliable tool. Be it personalization, scheduling, and follow-up with if/them campaign settings.

Also, if you already have a list of contacts, Woodpecker helps detect repeated contacts, which in most cases ensures that you reach one person once.

Like this, you’ll find various useful features which would help streamline your cold email campaigns.

Why use Woodpecker?

  • Has email list verification feature
  • Offers Automated email sequence setup
  • Easy to set up with a powerful team dashboard

Start Using Cold Email Campaign Software!

Getting started with cold emailing can be often difficult. The process can take a long time, and you may have to go through a long optimization process. But here’s the good part. It’s all worth it.

Once you have curated and found a good email that converts, cold email tools will assist your sales and marketing tips at every stage of bringing new conversions.

All the above tools are among the best cold email campaign software for 2023. Based on what you are looking for and what business you are running, they will help you automate your process efficiently.

All you need to do is, start writing your first cold email and set up your ultimate cold email strategy today.


1. What to look for when evaluating cold email campaign software?

When evaluating cold email software, find out if it provides detailed analytics, has built-in A/B testing, offers integrations with CRMs, is cost-effective, offers enough features, and provides customer service. Ensure it meets your needs.

2. What is the benefit of using cold email software?

Cold email software can streamline the process of sending emails, save time, and help you reach more people in a shorter period of time. Cold email software is a great tool to increase your outreach, engagement, and customer loyalty.

3. What should you avoid when cold emailing?

When cold emailing, avoid being too salesy or aggressive. Don’t be too demanding or pushy, as it could turn off potential customers. Additionally, avoid sending out generic emails, as this can make them look impersonal.