You spend days and weeks creating that perfect piece of content, but you know what? On average, a reader will spend just 37 seconds reading an article. 

So, to grab a reader’s attention in the first go is the only way you can get them to read most of your content. 

Concise writing makes for good copywriting examples. And good copywriting is also memorable. In other words, it should take over your audience’s heart and mind. It should take advantage of current affairs, stir controversy, or add something new. 

Are you seeking some ideas to produce your wacky-impressive copy? You have landed at the right place! Here are the 25 best content marketing and copywriting examples from various media, including emails, billboards, and PPC. Read till the end to fill your innovative bucket and use it wherever possible. 

First look at what copywriting is.

Why is Good Copywriting Important?

Copywriting can make or break your business. It’s not just a couple of words put together. It is much more than that. Good copywriting examples is what reflects your brand persona and creates a lasting impression. It gathers an audience, educates them, and ultimately drives conversions. Did we also mention that good copywriting is all about the 3 Cs? The 3 Cs here refer to being:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compact

You need to be very creative and careful while serving marketing copies. It is because readers seek insightful and high-quality information from your content marketing. If this feels intriguing enough, some examples might solve the confusion.

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Read further to explore fantastic content marketing examples and see how good copywriting works wonders.

Must-See Real World Copywriting Examples

Excellent copywriting examples is the heart of successful marketing campaigns. And this includes all the details because even the slightest bit of it matters. From how to address pain points to CTAs and the body of the text, it’s essential. Nevertheless, you can be a pro at it with some research and practice. After all, crafting a good copy is an art. Try using copywriting formulas for better results.

Let’s explore some good copywriting examples here. These also serve as examples of great content writing:

1. Supergoop: Welcome Email

Supergoop: Welcome Email-copywriting examples

Welcome emails hold much importance. An opening email introduces your company to the recipient. It establishes the tone for all subsequent correspondence they will have with you.

Seventy-four percent of all email subscribers anticipate getting one right away after joining your mailing list.

Such emails from Supergoop are typical examples of welcome emails that frequently contain deals and promo codes. This is a clever move and sets you apart from your competitors. But why so? Because it establishes a communication link with the customer and lets them earn rewards right away for choosing your brand over others.

Taking inspiration from this, you can do something similar. Including general information about your brand and offers is a good start. This will also leave your subscribers expecting more from your side. 

The email also extends an invitation to connect with the brand by including a message from the CEO. This humanizes the brand and creates a sense of exclusivity for each new subscriber.

2. Google Maps: Re-Engagement Email

Google Maps: Re-Engagement Email-copywriting examples

Google is the leading search engine in the world right now. So, taking a look at a few of their content marketing examples is a must.

Audience retention is a major aspect of any content. If your subscribers find your emails boring or too common, they may unsubscribe you. Here comes the role of personalization. Customizing your content according to your customer’s tastes can pique their interest and boost engagement. There’s also more possibility of them actually reading your email to the end instead of just chucking it out to the trash bin.

You certainly don’t want to lose your subscribers. So, the solution is re-engagement emails. Working on curating special emails to bring back your subscribers is what you need. This will make sure they retain their membership and might also make a purchase.

For example, this is a re-engagement email from Google Maps. Look at how it leverages a beautiful image to make its recipient’s heart melt.

Did you get the point? This email serves the purpose of re-engaging readers and not saturating some information. Also, there seems to be no need to write much because the picture and little text themselves are doing most of the talking.

Read this to know more copywriting tips.

3. Fitbit: Summary Email

Fitbit: Summary Email-copywriting examples

Are you a brand or an individual working in the fitness industry? If yes, you should look at Fitbit’s content marketing examples.

Remember what we talked about personalization? Summary emails are high-end customized. They provide their customers with daily or weekly summaries of their fitness activities. But just look at it. It’s an innovative and exciting initiative, though. Don’t you think? But do you know why it particularly piques your interest? This is because it concerns YOU. Everybody wants to read content that talks about them. Hence, open rates are way higher here.

Let’s take a look at Fitbit’s example of content marketing. And see how they prove a tremendous copywriting examples instance. 

We know Fitbit for providing weekly steps summary to its subscribers. The uniqueness of such copy examples is that they provide everything at once. A viewer doesn’t even need to scroll down to see the complete information. The content here is creative, concise, and straightforward. This is what we call a great reading and user experience.

4. KIDLY: GIF Email

KIDLY: GIF Email-copywriting examples

GIFs are fun and exciting. They make it incredibly simple to convey complex messages. They’re all about arousing and seizing the reader’s interest to direct their attention to the email’s core point.

Due to this, about 52% of email marketers used GIFs in their promotional emails.

Including GIFs in your email copy can increase engagement, though this depends largely on your brand voice. Here is an illustration from Kidly of that using email marketing:

The GIF of this email is so sparking that it’s hard to consider anything else at first glance. And this is precisely one of the best content writing examples. Let’s get it straight- Kidly is a kids’ brand. The GIF intensifies the brand persona and voice and delivers a good message.

Just Like Kidly mentions, “Brr-illiant” is what we see as one of the content marketing examples.

5. Goodreads: Recommendation Email

All the readers and book lovers are surely going to love content marketing examples like this:

Goodreads is the leading reading and review brand. It’s a worldwide community of readers and writers. Do you know what made them successful? Their fantastic content marketing and copywriting campaigns.

For example, as soon as you mark a book as “Read” on Goodreads, you receive an automated email. It would show your reviews and rating, of course, if you left some. They also employ CTAs for following the author. It keeps you updated on new releases. As a reader, you’ll understand how great of an initiative it is. Here’s an example of their email:

Goodreads: Recommendation Email-copywriting examples

The content here keeps you hooked as a reader. It also compels you to go over Goodreads, check out other reviews, and discover more. Guess how it helps Goodreads? By increasing their website visits, engagement and revenue.

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6. Canva: Email Newsletter

Canva: Email Newsletter-copywriting examples

Canva emerged as a powerful design brand in the past years. Who to give the credit? To spectacular content marketing. Newsletters are a way to communicate with a new audience. B2B and B2C companies use this form during product launches, fresh blog posts and landing pages, sales offers, and other news.

Canva employed this method during their marketing funnel. Let’s see how they made people aware of their quirky backgrounds and other features. 

Here the copywriter has posed a question for the subscriber. It creates engagement. Taking a cue from here, you can do the same with interactive questions. It will generate an immersive marketing campaign. You can add a CTA which will take subscribers to your blogs or website where they can answer your questions resulting in more visits.

7. Masterclass: Email with Video

Masterclass: Email with Video-copywriting examples

Have a look at these stats– 

  • Up to 300 percent more people will click on your email when it contains a video. 
  • Your unsubscribe rate can decrease by half by including a video in an email. 
  • The click-through rate for emails with videos is 96% higher than for emails without.

Several examples of B2B email marketing use videos to increase recipient engagement. It makes what you’re selling to your customers seem more genuine and tangible. But how? By enabling them to see what you’re offering.

Take, for example, this video email from Masterclass. After downloading their software and signing up for the classes, you would already start anticipating what to expect.

Since videos are exciting to subscribers, using them as a keyword in your subject line can garner better results. It’s like a trailer to your clients. It makes your CTA buttons open, and click-through rates go significantly up.

Competition is rising every day on e-learning platforms. Hence, considering content marketing examples like Masterclass’ is a good starting point if you’re looking forward to a similar professional field. 

8. BarkBox’s Audience Understanding

BarkBox’s Audience Understanding-copywriting examples
BarkBox’s Audience Understanding-copywriting

BarkBox is an expert in getting its audience. They genuinely understand them, which is why many brands take inspiration from them. They not just target their buyers’ but speak their language and sell what they need to.

Observe how BarkBox sells to the buyer’s pet in Step 2, not to the buyer. Unfortunately, dogs cannot express their dissatisfaction or anything else verbally, so BarkBox is using this as a clever marketing gimmick.

Your marketing is effective when your audience can directly relate to it. Your product or service doesn’t matter here, but customer relationships do. It would be best if you gave them a good reason for investing in your brand.

Following these content marketing examples in your copies can make a difference.

9. The Dollar Shave Club

The business’s debut video, jokingly titled “Our Blades Are F**king Great,” quickly went viral online. The video received nearly 5 million views in its first 90 days, thanks to punchlines and jokes that catered to a wide range of tastes. However, the popular video wasn’t an accident. It was a perfectly planned strategy. And everybody cannot do it without proper research, let’s face it.

Here are some strategies from Dollar Shave Club’s viral marketing campaigns that you can use to strengthen your content strategy: 

  • Leveraging video marketing
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Value Proposition
  • Easy Sharing
  • Writing Every Word With A Purpose
  • Strategic Structure
  • Funny Content

10. Bellroy’s Corporate Copy

You might be familiar with Bellroy’s stylish and modern wallets. But the marketing sphere salutes them for their corporate copies.

Corporate gifting isn’t only a formality now but a business- A great, good, profitable business.

According to a study, 40% of companies that received gifts demonstrated high loyalty. And a desire to pursue doing business with the supplier in the now $125 billion market. Thus, it should be no surprise that an increasing number of online retailers are now providing corporate gifting as upsells to current products. And corporate-only offers to attract wealthy businesses.

Bellroy’s corporate gifting page explains to the buyer what they understand about their needs. And it offers a customized solution.

Bellroy’s Corporate Copy

Here we can see Bellroy talking about essential brand values. They know how to play well with words to awe their clients. 

11. Bombas’ Catchy Copy

Bombas' Catchy Copy

“Ads that rhyme are more likable, memorable and easily repeatable to others,” is what the book’s co-authors Yes! believe. “But on a deeper level, rhyming phrases have a greater processing fluency, meaning that they’re processed more easily.”

We are not saying that you use rhymes in your copies. Instead, use it wherever possible because it is easier to remember. Look at Bombas’ homepage. It is how they use value propositions to attract new customers.

“Kids Socks That Pop” is a catchy phrase. It’s not only fun to say but also has Bombas’ flagship product- socks. And it’s not just this. You’ll find their subject lines with “Socks Up. Sock Up,” and products with “Hex Tec.” What’s worth noting is that the company consistently pushes the limits of catchy marketing copy.

12. Chubbies’ Sense of Humor

Chubbies’ Sense of Humor

Did you say memes and marketing? Chubbies must be on your mind then! Chubbies is a front-runner when it comes to jokes. They have taken the trends of memes to a whole new level. You can find it in their emails and outrageous yet persuasive product page copy.

Okay, this was all about Chubbies. But we need to focus here on their marketing approach, specifically email marketing.

It is a current instance of a marketing campaign for a new product that makes numerous allusions to Star Wars.

Chubbies aren’t afraid to question industry standards. It becomes clear after reading their emails. The brand has evolved into an exception to the many guidelines marketers urge to follow. No matter if it’s personalizing the subject lines, encouraging readers to do what they want, or, in many cases, including multiple CTAs.

Chubbies understand their brand persona and go with that. Everyone is not a fan of humor. However, if you’re writing for a specific audience, you might leverage it to the best, just like Chubbies.

13. Death Wish Coffee’s Process Description

Death Wish Coffee’s Process Description

One of the overlooked sales copywriting principles is that process is everything. It might take time initially, but once established, it gives benefits. The same goes for brands such as Death Wish Coffee. Want to know how? Here’s one of their content marketing examples:

The originality of the process, use of evocative adjectives, and the path from the initial concept to the finished product all contribute to its allure. There is an old saying that suggests:

“No one wants to hear how the sausage is made.” 

As we’ve seen, however, that’s not entirely accurate. Dazzle your customers with a process if they are experts in your field and want to learn something new.

14. Tuft & Needle’s Landing Page Copy

Tuft & Needle’s Landing Page Copy

Possibly one of Casper’s biggest rivals is Tuft & Needle. And it’s easy to understand why when you look at this marketing copy.

The homepage of Tuft & Needle is not particularly impressive at first glance. But as soon as you land on their landing page, it will click.

When you go to the website of Tuft & Needle, an email will greet you. It will lead you to a landing page with the heading “The 12 Reasons You Haven’t Bought from Us… Yet.”

Honestly, the point here is:

Tuft & Needle’s Landing Page Copy

Don’t hesitate to try specific landing pages to address objections if you’re selling pricey products in a crowded market. And you know potential customers will have inquiries.

15. Huckberry’s Storytelling

Huckberry’s Storytelling

Just saying Hi to all those promotional emails sitting in your inbox, eating virtual dust, and begging for attention. Poor guys have zero chance of getting even one look.

But how can you avoid this? Writing subject lines that intrigue, motivate, and inspire recipients is one way to stay in the buyer’s mind. And becoming memorable is a more realistic, long-term strategy. Huckberry is one retailer that has left a lasting impression on all. It’s because some of their email promotions are among the best in the industry.

Here is a typical illustration. The email starts with a narrative front and presents a new or returning product’s benefits. It concludes with a direct, straightforward call to action (CTA).

Telling stories about you, your clients, or your goods and services goes beyond simply encouraging readers to discover more. They engage you and remind you that the people behind the brand are real people just like you.

16. Harry’s About Page

Harry’s About Page

We’ve covered a lot of helpful content writing examples here. It includes product pages, email marketing campaigns, and above-the-fold content.

The about page of a website is one page that is frequently missed. As you saw previously, we often feel an affinity for brands that share our values. A website’s “about” page is often the ideal venue for a brand to express its values. On their about page, Harry’s acknowledges an issue that many of their customers can relate to: ‘expensive razors’.

Communication is the key, and you might have heard a lot. Indeed, it is. Setting boundaries in the initial stage saves your and your customers’ time. Tell them beforehand what they can and can’t expect from your brand. It will have your reputation.

17. Velocity Partners

Velocity Partners

Looking at this image, this is a copy of Velocity Partners’ Slideshare. SlideShares are usually visual, whereas Velocity Partners strongly emphasizes its marketing copy. Only the text changes; the design remains the same. But it’s okay because the copy is exciting and compelling enough. Why? Because it has straightforward language, the readers can easily understand what it is trying to convey. It reads like a story and is easy to switch through in SlideShare format because the tone is conversational.

Even the copy on the Velocity Partners website is unique. Just look at how modest they are when presenting their case studies:

Velocity Partners

The email subscription call-to-action is friendly and genuine. Particularly appealing is the header, which parodies the well-known SlideShare about poor content.

18. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott's Cheap Flights

By offering helpful advice and using everyday language, Scott’s Cheap Flights staff positions themselves as experts in the travel industry. You know them for locating cheap flights. Yet Scott’s Cheap Flights has expanded its offerings to include a range of other products. Such as guides. Scott’s team has also provided professional advice on their “Meet the Team” page. It screams personalization and its touch.

Scott's Cheap Flights

Members can relate to this because they can utilize the tips given by expert staff members. People get the impression that they are learning from knowledgeable authorities. This modest but helpful addition strengthens the company’s credibility while fostering connections with website visitors.

19. Cultivated Wit

The website copy for Cultivated Wit is funny and clever, very true to the brand. What better proof can you give your customers about your credibility?

The copywriters at Cultivated Wit, a “comedy company,” do a fantastic job recognizing their unique quirkiness throughout the site. Their splendid copy is all over their website, occasionally in the most unlikely places. Even though they already have one of the best “About” pages in the game. Look at the copy surrounding the contact details at the bottom of their homepage, for instance:

Cultivated Wit

Most businesses treat this homepage section as an afterthought, at best. But for these people, it was a chance to laugh a little. Additionally, they have two different calls to action for email subscriptions on various web pages. Despite being very different, they are both equally hilarious and delightful. This is from the home page:

Cultivated Wit

20. Cards Against Humanity

These people make their copy aggressive and mildly offensive. But it fits their brand persona and target market perfectly. The self-described “party game for horrible people,” Cards Against Humanity, may or may not be familiar to you. It’s a card game that’s amusing and inappropriate all at the same time. You will laugh out loud reading the copy on the cards themselves. The brand voice is very distinct, but it can occasionally be abrasive or even slightly offensive. Their entire gimmick is that they don’t appeal directly to everyone, and that’s fine. Their appeal to their target market is something they excel at. You can see what we mean if you take a quick look at their FAQ page:

Cards Against Humanity

21. Norwegian Airlines

If taking advantage of the moment is a thing, you should learn it from Norwegian Airlines. Low-cost airline Norwegian Air wasted no time promoting economical airfares to Los Angeles with the ad copy, “Brad is single,” after the Brangelina breakup in 2016. According to Swinn, this is “a perfect example of timely copywriting in reaction to a significant news story,” adding that “little context was needed at the time” because the story was such big news.

How does this make one of the great content marketing examples? Be on your toes to use a trend or a sensational to your promotional benefit.

22. British Airways

In a similar vein to other content marketing examples, let’s consider British Airways. British Airways used “a little digital magic” on a London billboard as part of its Look Up campaign. It was to recognize aircraft overhead in real-time, including their flight number and point of origin. It highlighted the breadth of their flight paths. Of course, they want to get people to search upon them.

See how British Airways framed its best bet of content and copy marketing.

23. The Hustle

The Hustle is a news aggregation service. It plays its marketing game through newsletters. According to the digital marketing strategist at app development company Fueled, Ciara Hautau, “a strong voice that is both professional and relatable/fun to read.” 

The Hustle uses the power of making things accessible by transforming information that would otherwise be boring into enjoyable. It keeps users interested and entertained while they learn.

24. Oatly’s Header

Oatly’s Header

These people are high on confidence in the quality of the products. And guess what? They are not even afraid of sharing their brand’s negative or disastrous reviews. Instead, they emphasize them. Though many brands use this strategy, it always catches our attention. Don’t go overboard, though, or you might experience a backlash.

Second, they uphold their principles to the extent that they aren’t hesitant to open warfare. Thirdly, the headlines on their advertisements are bold. Examples are; “You actually read this?,” “This tastes like sh*t! Blah!” and “It’s milk but made for humans.”

Headers draw attention to content. Use the four U’s formula here:

  • Unique
  • Urgent
  • Ultra specific
  • Useful. 

It will help to keep readers interested and your text simple to scan. Also, use the same strategy with your subheaders in content marketing articles.

25. Headspace’s Purposeful Homepage

Headspace’s Purposeful Homepage

The first thought after landing your eyes on this page? We think that the color palette is excellent. And content placement is mindful and creative. What are your thoughts on this, though?

Let us move forward by keeping in mind that Headspace is a meditation app. Four reasons prove this homepage is fantastic. 

  • Action-Oriented: The verbs find, get, make, catch, relax, feel, put, wake up, complete, and do are inspiring and incredibly heartening, with definite, favorable results. 
  • Specific: A specific phrase like “feel less stressed” is much less convincing than “14 percent less stressed in just 10 days.” 
  • Rhyming: “Be kind to your mind.” Numerous studies have revealed that people naturally prefer rhymes. We consider them to be more likable, memorable, and reliable.
  • User-Experience: Finally, this copy is all about the reader. It doesn’t matter how fantastic Headspace is. It’s about how excellent Headspace will make the reader feel.

The necessity of emphasizing benefits rather than just describing features is something you should not avoid in copywriting. It’s undoubtedly some of the most cliché copywriting advice you’ll ever see.

Here’s all about the types of copywriting.

Make Waves With Great Copywriting

Branding defines your company. You can make it unique with eye-catching design, layout, and color. But it is always incomplete without content. A robust copywriting examples structure is critical if you want your audience to comprehend what your brand sells. Copywriting and branding work together to drive success making the former essential for your business. It connects the audience and motivates them to engage with your brand. Know more about the benefits of copywriting.

You are extraordinary, and so your copywriting can be. So why settle for ordinary content and copies? Transform yourself into a creative advertising rockstar. Once you master the art of copywriting, your business will be booming with profits. It requires a structured content marketing strategy and thinking outside the box along with great copywriting skills. With these content marketing examples, you can create copies to bridge creativity. And scale up your brand by landing more deals and conversions.

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What is copywriting?

Copywriting refers to writing the text for marketing or other types of advertising. It is both an activity and a profession. Copy or sales copy is the written content. It helps to promote a brand & take a specific action. 

What are the types of copywriting?

There are 9 types of copywriting. These include:
Website copywriting
SEO copywriting
Product copywriting
B2B copywriting
B2C copywriting
Direct response copywriting
Ad copywriting
Social media copywriting
Creative copywriting

What are copywriting skills?

There are various types of copywriting skills. These skills are:
Excellent writing skills
Communication skills
Tech skills
Creative thinking and writing
Basic SEO skills
Interpersonal skills
Skill to hook readers