Do you find yourself scratching your head when you sit to write creative copies? 

You’re not alone! 

With a whopping 98% of content marketers using written content regularly, there’s a need for tons of copies every day. And each must be of exceptional standards to stand out from the growing competition! As a result, constantly coming up with unique ideas and wording them perfectly is becoming challenging for many copywriters

If you are facing the same hurdles, you would have probably felt the need for an intelligent assistant who can cook up creative ideas and help you put them into words quickly.

That’s what AI copywriting tools are here for! Artificial intelligence-powered tools help you generate and articulate unique ideas lightning fast. And this increases your writing speed and efficiency manifold.

Let’s check out how these AI tools work and explore some of the best options in this blog. Let’s dive in!

What Is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting refers to computer-generated writing created using machine learning and natural language processing models. It is implemented using AI writing tools that apply ML and NLP algorithms to your inputs to generate new ideas and unique content. You just need to key in the relevant words, set some basic parameters, and watch the magic happen!

In this manner, AI writing tools automate most of the ideation, research, and text creation process. And this makes your writing fast and efficient while eliminating writer’s block.

How Does AI Copywriting Work?

An AI copywriting software applies artificial intelligence techniques to understand the required context and format and then creates unique ideas and content accordingly. Here is its basic working process-

  • Firstly, you must provide the required data and set the parameters. These may include the content type, topic, subheadings, and word limit.
  • The AI tool will now apply machine learning and natural language processing models to your inputs and online data to generate new ideas and text. 
  • You may need to edit the output to ensure that it is natural and error-free.
  • Lastly, you can download or copy the text from the tool to use AI generated copy as you like!

There are also various AI-based writing assistants that provide suggestions to help make your writing understandable and error free. You may use such tools together with AI copywriting tools for the best results.

Why Do You Need An AI Copywriting Tool?

AI copywriting tools are great for assisting copywriters as they simplify and automate writing. They raise your productivity manifold by finding new ideas, automating the research, and instantly writing bulk text with the essential details. At the same time, they help improve your copywriting skills. So, all you need to do is make the right inputs and then the required improvements. Isn’t that convenient?

Here are some key benefits of using AI copywriting tools:

  • They automate repetitive writing tasks, increasing productivity and creativity.
  • They can automatically optimize your text for search engines.
  • They make your writing quick, uniform, and error-free.
  • They help you overcome writer’s block by helping you find new content ideas and examples.
  • They are handy tools for multiple writing purposes, including copywriting for ads or social media, website content, emails, product descriptions, blogs, and more! InstaCopy even provides content based on copywriting formulas.
  • They help businesses save money and time while producing unique content.
  • They automate a large portion of the research by quickly scanning large databases.

Despite all its benefits, AI-based writers are not great at all types of content marketing due to certain limitations. Let’s find out what they can do and what they cannot.

What Type Of Content Can An AI Copywriting Tool Create?

AI tools are great for finding new ideas and generating large amounts of content instantly based on the keywords and parameters you provide. So, they are perfect for automating repetitive content creation based on the defined criteria while maintaining content uniqueness. Moreover, they are highly affordable and reduce the need for employees for repetitive content. 

This makes AI copywriting tools a very cost-effective option for the in-house content creators in companies marketing their limited range of offerings. But human editors must provide manual guidance and verify it for best results. And this is because AI has some limitations, and we will discuss them below.

What Type Of Content Can Not Be Created By AI Tools Alone?

AI copywriting tools are not ideal for creating high-quality creative copies unless you provide essential guidance and editing. And this is especially true if you address a wide range of topics. Why?

This is because AI writing tools have some significant limitations-

  • They are poor at out-of-the-box thinking. This is because they count on past learnings and your pre-defined inputs.
  • They cannot replicate human innovativeness, wit, and complex emotions sufficiently.
  • Even mild errors in your inputs can lead to irrelevant or incoherent articles. It’s the computing principle of Garbage In=Garbage out!
  • They are prone to making minor errors even if the inputs are good. And even a few wrong words can sometimes change an entire article’s meaning!
  • They cannot understand cultural nuances and may require editing to create the personal touch that engages the audience.
  • They lack the ability to address delicate issues or revolutionary topics. 

As a result, content agencies, entertainment channels, and news outlets may go with more human writers with AI copywriting tools supporting them. This would ensure superior flexibility, innovativeness, and reputation while maintaining a quick flow of content.

Do check out our copywriting tips here.

How To Pick The Best AI Copywriting Software?

The ideal tool will help you create original, reliable, and error-free content for diverse purposes through a quick, convenient and affordable process. Accordingly, try to look for the following qualities at a reasonable price while choosing the tool-

  • Ability to write diverse content, including ad copies, emails, social posts, blogs, website content, product descriptions, etc
  • Easy-to-edit results
  • High accuracy with minimal grammatical or contextual errors
  • Ability to produce high-quality content that is lucid and easily readable
  • High processing speed with advanced machine learning and natural language processing models (such as GTP-3)
  • Ability to generate accurate ideas for content
  • Advanced proofreading and real-time writing suggestions
  • Convenient to use with a simplistic interface
  • Ability to research vast amounts of information automatically
  • In-built search engine optimization features
  • Cloud-based SAAS model so you can take your work with you!
  • Good customer reviews and ratings

Top AI Copywriting Tools

Here’s the list of the top AI copywriting tools you can use for sales copywriting,

1. InstaCopy

instacopy-ai-copywriting tools

InstaCopy is an AI-based content creator that generates marketing copies, ad copies, Quora answers, headlines, blogs, and more! It generates high-quality content almost instantly using advanced artificial intelligence. So, you just need to enter your writing goal, topic, and other essential parameters to get well-structured SEO content automatically!

The tool is a highly convenient, writer-focused, and relatively affordable tool with perfectly original outputs. You can generate both short-form and long-form content with this tool, that makes it more desirable. So, Instacopy is amongst the best copywriting tools for professional writers who want to generate quality SEO content instantly and say goodbye to writer’s block.


  • For testing with up to 25 short copies- $0
  • For short form copywriters- 39$/month & 399$/year
  • For long form content writers- 49$/month & 399$/year

2. Anyword

anyword-ai-copywriting tools

Anyword is an advanced AI writing tool for marketers with inbuilt analytics, API access, ad importing, custom models, and the ability to generate diverse content in over 20 languages. The tool offers predictive performance scores to help you analyze how well the content piece will engage with the audience. You can even choose a persona so that the AI generates content that targets the intended audience. 

However, its features come at a higher cost. It also focuses more on marketing while missing some writer convenience features such as plagiarism detection, bulk content creation, collaboration, etc.


  • 7-day trial- $0
  • Free plan with basic features and word limitations- $0
  • The Data-Driven basic plan- $79/month
  • The Data-Driven unlimited plan- $239/month
  • Enterprise plan- $999/month

3. CopyAI

copyai-ai-copywriting tools

CopyAI is a fast and convenient copywriting tool that supports 20 languages and offers various writing formats and tones. It builds multiple versions of copies based on an input of just a few words or lines. And its output is very natural and human-like.

It has more than 130 tools and templates to help you write blog posts, posts for social media, emails, case studies, website copies, product descriptions & ads.

Moreover, it offers collaboration, high processing speed, and a chrome extension for increased convenience. However, CopyAI has limited features as it does not support third-party integrations & SEO friendly content. It is meant for supporting writers rather than marketers.


  • 7-day trial- 0$
  • Solo plan- 49$/month & 420$/year
  • Custom- Depends on the features you select

4. CopySmith

copysmith-ai copywriting-tools

CopySmith is a powerful copywriting tool that provides brainstorming tools, collaboration features, multilingual rewriting, natural text generation, and supports diverse content types. It also has a chrome extension, in-app chat support, and custom templates to help you create human-like content conveniently in 60 languages.

You can build complete campaigns using the tool’s campaign builder in a couple of clicks. What’s more, it helps you with SEO copywriting with varied voices and tones catering to different industries. Also, you have templates to market your brand online. Overall, it is perfect for agencies, enterprises and e-commerce websites.

However, its copies are not free of errors and usually require editing. Also, most of its helpful features come in high-priced plans.


  • Starter- $19/month
  • Professional- $59/month
  • Teams- $118/month
  • Enterprise- Custom Pricing

5. Writesonic

writesonic-ai copywriting tools

Writesonic is a cutting-edge AI writing tool specializing in naturally writing ads and long-form SEO content. And it does it within seconds! With support for 25 languages, various templates, and in-built chat for customer support, this tool focuses on providing the best user experience.

The tool is perfect for content writers as it comes with a paraphrase, expander and shortener. Additionally, e-commerce websites can use it to generate catchy, search-engine-optimized titles, and descriptions. Even marketers can find the tool useful as it generates converting ad copies.

However, the output may have significant grammatical errors and the plans have substantial limitations on the words produced. You can go for versions of the plans that offer greater word counts but they come with high price tags!


  • Trial- 0$
  • Short form plan- 10$/month to 26$/month
  • Long form plan- 13$/month to 666$/month

6. Writecream

writecream-ai copywriting tools

Writecream is a powerful SEO writing tool.  It can provide content for personalized cold emails, blog articles, LinkedIn connection request messages, digital ad copies, website copy, product descriptions, and even audio voiceovers for YouTube or Podcasts in 75 languages. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This great assistant has almost every key feature you can ever need, including support for mobile devices. There is a browser extension for Google Chrome, MS Edge and Opera as well that lets you generate blog articles from within WordPress, Grammarly, Google Docs & most other text editors.

However, its revolutionary technology comes with various errors in the generated content and requires guidance and edits by users for good results. It also has a free version, but you get to enjoy most of its features in its paid versions, which are relatively costly.


  • Free- 0$
  • Standard- 49$/month
  • Extended- 69$/month

7. Jasper

jasper-ai copywriting tools

Jasper is one of the best copywriting software due to its comprehensive SEO content creation and optimization features. It is a recently introduced tool that is growing its features rapidly. 

It supports 25 languages, has 50+ templates and uses 4 different copywriting formulas to create diverse SEO content. Moreover, Jasper also has an inbuilt grammar and plagiarism checker to improve its output quality.

With the right inputs, Jasper can offer a high degree of automation to help simplify the writer’s work. And its Boss mode offers additional content optimization features to get even better results. However, the tool is tough to master quickly and is not affordable if you have more content requirements.


  • Starter (20k words monthly)- 29$/month
  • Boss (50k words monthly)- 59$/month

8. Rytr

rytr-ai copywriting tools

Rytr offers the basic features of automatic text generators in a simple interface and workflow. It writes almost every type of content in multiple tones and has a forever-free plan.

It has 40+ use cases and templates that will help fulfill your needs. You are also free to pick any language you want from the 30+ languages the tool offers. Plus, there are more than 20 voice tones to set the emotion right for the content piece. 

Rytr also offers some unique project management features, Shopify and WordPress integrations, and many in-built use-cases. 

However, Rytr’s output sometimes requires significant editing, especially in the case of long-form content. Also, its Free and Saver plans have significant character limits.


  • Free plan (limited features and word count)- 0$
  • Saver- 9$/month & 90$/year
  • Unlimited- 29$/month & 290$/year

9. Bertha

bertha-ai copywriting tools

Bertha is an AI-based content writing assistant that offers over 20 content and copywriting tools to create and optimize content in 20+ languages. There’s also the provision to choose the tone of your content piece to take control of the writing style. You can use Bertha on any WordPress-based website seamlessly. It is best for blog posts and suitable for small to medium website owners as well as for agencies. Moreover, it packs 3 marketing frameworks to create the best marketing content.

Despite these features, Bertha limits itself to WordPress sites and works best for blog posts only. The number of sites you can apply it on is also limited unless you go for the costly Pro Unlimited plan.


  • Pro- $30/month
  • Multi-Biz- $70/month
  • Pro Unlimited-$99/month

10. Smart Copy

smartcopy-ai copywriting tools

Smart Copy by Unbounce is a popular AI writing tool that writes effective content of all types and tones. Industry professionals widely use it for its convenience, extensions, built-in use cases, and excellent customer service. Smart Copy is great for catchy headlines, converting ad copies, and landing pages. It offers 45+ templates and supports 30+ languages along with a free Chrome extension. 

Moreover, it offers a free starter plan to try out the service before buying it. However, it works best for landing pages only. It is also expensive unless you go for the free version that lets you generate 5 content pieces  per day with other limitations.


  • Starter- 0$
  • Essential – $9 per month
  • Unlimited $49 per month

11. Texta


Texta is an end-to-end writer support tool that employs AI to help you with all aspects of copywriting. And this goes from brainstorming and writing content to editing and finalizing your work. You can use it to churn articles that appear high on SERP results. At the same time, it assures you of original content free of plagiarism.

It is great for generating ideas and overcoming writer’s block and supports you by writing natural and original SEO content in over 21 languages. There are 50+ templates to choose from. It also offers various editing and improvement tools along with Grammarly integration to help you get the best results.

However, it has limited integrations currently, and its results often require corrections. It is clearly still in its development stage.


  • Starter- 25$/month
  • Pro max- 49$/month
  • Pro max plus- 79$/month

12. Outranking


Outranking is a modern AI writing tool that offers a simple, step-by-step process to create natural language in 13 major languages. It is effective for generating different types of SEO content thanks to its unique Google PAA (people to ask) and SERP analysis techniques. With the tool, you can save the time you spend on manual SEO tasks juggling with multiple tools. It is just one tool that takes care of everything. It also integrates perfectly with Google docs, SEMRush, and WordPress to give you the best user experience with minimum hassle.

But, it is comparatively expensive and offers no free trials. It also requires more human interference as it seems focused more on SEO assistance than perfection in the content it generates. All its plans have limitations on the number of documents and SERP analysis.


  • Solo – $99 per month
  • Pro – $189 per month
  • Company – $279 per month

13. Headlime


Headlime is capable of creating diverse content automatically with superior creativity and ease. Powered by GPT-3, it supports multiple languages and offers 1700+ pre-made templates to help you create content in 11 languages. The tool works well for copywriters, business owners and marketing agencies.

The content it can create includes product descriptions, digital Ads, headlines, taglines, sales copies, content for most web pages, and more! It even offers a website-building tool (drag and drop) that creates the design, adds code and writes copy for you. 

Moreover, it is a great tool for generating blog ideas but may not be ideal for writing sophisticated blogs (Try our free blog post generator to create converting blog posts). Furthermore, it offers many collaboration options but adding users requires the purchase of its expensive business plan. Its individual plan is also costly compared to other tools providing similar features and does not specialize in SEO.


  • Individual- 59$/month
  • Business- 399$/month

14. Neural Text


Neural Text is an advanced AI-powered writing tool that specializes in creating SEO blogs and offers complete collaboration features. It has a simple procedure and convenient interface, allowing you to create natural content optimized for all search engines quickly. 

You can do keyword discovery and clustering as well with Neural Text,. That reduces your dependence on other tools. What’s more is that you can integrate it with Google Drive, Google Chrome, WordPress, & Shopify.

It is a cost-efficient tool that provides complete writer support features from ideation, briefs, and structuring to content creation and editing. But it may not be ideal for short copies, and plans with the best features are relatively expensive.


  • Free- $0
  • Basic- $49
  • Pro- $119

15. ContentBot


This popular AI writer helps you easily write engaging articles, ads, or website content. It enables you to find new ideas for blogs and provides more accurate articles with minimal errors. 

Plus, you get a uniqueness score for each content piece you generate, which is usually 95% unique. The tool is well-suited for bloggers, SEO experts, copywriters, digital marketers, & content marketers. 

ContentBot is also known for ease of use and great customer service. However, it lacks optimization and is still adding new features. 


  • Starter- 29$/month
  • Premium- 59$/month
  • Premium Plus- 99$/month

What Is The Future Of AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting is surely the next big thing in marketing content creation. It is seeing rapid growth in its application in marketing campaigns by helping content creators meet the growing demands of quality content. Moreover, you can expect AI writing tools to grow in accuracy, empathy, and versatility.

But let’s address the elephant in the room now! Here’s the question you are probably wondering about: “Will AI copywriters replace human writers in the future?”

We can come to a definitive “NO” for the foreseeable future because AI writing tools lack fine sense, wit, and innovative thinking. They also continue to depend on human guidance and editing to ensure that the content is natural, error-free, and engaging. And unedited AI content may not rank well in Google searches.

So, AI copywriting tools are indeed intelligent software that will help you write quickly and seamlessly. But they’re not going to take your job anytime soon!

Get ready to pick your AI copywriting tool!

This blog has covered the meaning, working, usefulness, and examples of AI copywriting tools in detail to give you a comprehensive overview of AI copywriting software and how you can use them.

Based on this analysis, we can say that AI copywriting tools greatly support writers and allow them to take up additional responsibilities. Moreover, they save significant time and are affordable for businesses, making them an excellent option for growing companies.

It’s time for you to go ahead and adopt the best copywriting tools to unleash your creativity without worrying about a shortage of ideas or repetitive tasks. Learn all about copywriting in our guide.


1. What are AI tools for content writing?

AI content writing tools use artificial intelligence to generate content within seconds based on the inputs from the user’s end. Such tools can generate both long-form & short-form content.

2. Do copywriters use AI?

Yes, most copywriters use AI tools to generate ideas and get rid of writer’s block. It helps them view a different perspective and get more creative with the content when they face a slowdown.

3. How does AI write content?

AI content generator tools generate content with the help of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT-3) model. It uses deep learning to generate human language, which is why it provides accurate results.